Søren Krag



billed sren krag

The center of the exhibition is a large woven textile piece measuring 1,55 x 5,75 meters. The term 'Millefleurs', from French meaning literally "thousand flowers", refers to a background style used in medieval and early renaissance tapestry consisting of many different small flowers and plants, usually shown on a darker backdrop, as though growing in grass. Weavers were obliged to repeat figure designs by members of the painters’ guild, but could often design the floral backgrounds themselves. 

In an effort to further extrapolate this reversal of the image hierarchy, figures and narrative have been omitted altogether, focusing solely on the 'background'. At the core of the project are computer-generated, hyper stylized, symmetrical ’flowers’. After establishing a number of fixed parameters two thousand unique flowers have been generated algorithmically and digitally woven into a tapestry.

The project has been created in collaboration with engineering PhD student Jonathan Riise and artist/programmer Pelle Hjek. The textile was produced at the factory of the Innvik Selgren company in Sogn og Fjordane under the guidance of assistant professor at KMD; artist/designer Kristinan D. Aas.

Søren Krag (b. 1987, Denmark) lives in Bergen and is a second year student at the master programme of the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen. Recent exhibitions include Rethink Matter: Digital Materiality, Godsbanen in Århus; Pix Romana, Udstillingsstedet Sydhavn Station in Copenhagen; Speaking Volumes, KH7artspace in Århus. 

The MA Week is a collaboration between Hordaland Kunstsenter and the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen. Twice a year the MFA students are invited to submit proposals for an exhibition to be realised at Hordaland Kunstsenter.


Hordaland Art Centre based in Bergen, Norway was established 1976 as the first artist run art centre in Norway. Its activities are based around the exhibition programme with equal emphasis on seminars, presentations and dialogue. Since 1987 Hordaland Art Centre has hosted a Nordic residency programme, from 2008 also open to international artists, curators, writers and other art professionals.