Kate Newby




Hordaland kunstsenter is excited and proud to present Kate Newby´s first solo exhibition in Scandinavia.

New Zealand artist Kate Newby is renowned for her tangible and often ephemeral projects, where the relationship between work, action and site is essential. Newby works with ‘primary materials’, such as concrete, ceramic, textile, metals and glass. Throughout her practice, particular objects and elements like brick platforms, wind chimes, pebble stones and concrete puddles seem to echo into new exhibitions. Her delicate works advocates a heightened perceptual awareness and encourages close consideration to the relationship between people and the environment where sculpture takes place.

Newby approaches the exhibition space and the outdoor surrounding of the art centre on equal terms, hence creating a dynamic between interior and exterior, leading both audience and object in- as well as outside of the gallery space.

For the exhibition at Hordaland kunstsenter, Kate Newby has created newly commissioned work in close collaboration with expertise productions sites in Bergen, as well as in New York where she lives. By inviting Newby to Bergen, the materials and discoveries she did during her site visit are bound to have a long-lasting influence on her artistic practice.

Kate Newby (b. 1979 in Auckland) graduated with a Doctor of Fine Arts from Elam School of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland in 2015. She was awarded New Zealand's largest contemporary art prize, Walter’s Prize in 2012. Recent exhibitions include A puzzling light and moving, The Lumber Room, Portland (2018-2019); All the stuff you already know, The Sunday Painter, London (2018); I can’t nail the days down, Kunsthalle Wien (2018); the 21st Biennale of Sydney (2018); Swift little verbs pushing the big nouns around, Michael Lett, Auckland (2018); Let me be the wind that pulls your hair, Artpace, San Antonio (2017); The January February March, The Poor Farm, Wisconsin (2016); Two aspirins a vitamin C tablet and some baking soda, Laurel Doody, Los Angeles (2015); I feel like a truck on a wet highway, Lulu, Mexico City (2014); Maybe I won‘t go to sleep at all., La Loge, Brussels (2013).

The exhibition has been made possible with generous support from Norsk Kulturråd, Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond (BKH), Hordaland fylkeskommune, and S12 Open Access Studio and Gallery in Bergen.

Kate Newby will hold a public presentation at the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design (KMD), Monday 5th of November at 16:30.


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