Øyvind Johnsen




Hordaland Kunstsenter welcomes you to the exhibition Utspring by Bergen based artist Øyvind Johnsen, presented in our new project room on the second floor. 

Øyvind Johnson works with photography and video as tools to register and explore the world around him. In the very core of his existential work, Johnsen tries to grasp and understand what it means to live a life. 


To live is to experience, and in order to experience one has to live with ones senses open. 


The camera is what stands between Øyvind Johnsen’s personal narrative and a more universal one. Each part of his work invites you deeper into a life reflected through images - photographs and video. Johnsen continually experiments within the different aspects of video work: video and audio recording, montage and material processing. Except from audio postproduction he does everything himself.

From a large archive of both analogue and digital material, Johnsen describes his work method as the artistic privilege to connect everything. His process is organic and often based on intuition.

Looking for interrelations between nature and culture, he aims to remind us of the continuous and inevitable affect we have on each other and our milieus. He moves us through a biodiversity of flowers and faces, landscapes to interiors, always searching for the experience of beauty. We hear voices, often in dialogue, and music.


We see summers, we see winters. We see the present and a past.


Øyvind Johnson’s very personal story tells of a life lived alone and with family. His language can be experienced as both romantic and poetic. It is filled with warmth as well as wistfulness.

Created over the past five years, the three videos in Utspringare not contained in one specific time or place. Johnsen fluently combines different realities and stories, and connects the state of being awake with sleeping and dreaming. They start blending into each other, loosing the sense of where one ends and another begins.


Yet: Everything starts somewhere, has an origin, has a beginning.



Øyvind Johnsen lives and works in Bergen. He receieved his artistisc education from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design and Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Since the end of the 1980's he has mainly worked with video and photography – prior to that his practice also included graphics, drawing and painting. Johnsen has been exhibited both in Norway and internationally and has made several public comissions. In addition he has been holding seminars and lectures as well as doing curatorial work. Recent solo exhibitions includes Galleri S.E (Bergen), Kunsthall Grenland (Porsgrunn) and Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum (SFKM). Solo exhibitions in the near future include USF Utstillingsrommet (Bergen) in February 2021 and Bryne Kunstforening (Bryne) in May - June 2021.



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