Alma Heikkilä, Mikko Lipiäinen, Arissana Pataxó, Reetta Pekkanen. Curator: Jussi Koitela



AlmaHeikkila pollen grains 2017 b2000px

In The Dark I Don’t Have Four Limbs exhibition is a combination of art works by Alma HeikkiläMikko Lipiäinen, Arissana Pataxó and poetry by Reetta Pekkanen entangled with the display setting and colonial, anthropogenic and capitologenic intra-structures. 

Opening and Artist Talk (in English) Thursday 30 November at 19.00

Participants: Alma Heikkilä, Mikko Lipiäinen, Arissana Pataxó and Reetta Pekkanen

Curated by Jussi Koitela


The exhibition In The Dark I Don’t Have Four Limbs  is a combination of art works by Alma Heikkilä, Mikko Lipiäinen, Arissana Pataxó and poetry by Reetta Pekkanen entangled with the display setting and colonial, anthropogenic and capitologenic intra-structures.   

Alma Heikkilä's spatial and painterly objects materializes entanglement of natural, cultural, social and economic aspects of the agency, at the same time those agencies from hydrocarbons to language and from fungus to infrastructures of artistic production are co-autohors of her works. Exhibition presents also Alma Heikkilä's collaborative work with artist Elina Tuhkanen. Mikko Lipiäinen has worked in South Bahia, Brazil with artist and activist Regis Bailux, and researcher Raquel Rennó on Resistance Pulp project by organizing a series of discussions and workshops with educators of indigenous Pataxó community. Project is, along side of producing local pulp, mapping and challenging practises, narratives and structures within contemporary art that are reproducing repression of indigenous communities. Arissana Pataxó is approaching indigenous questions as part of the contemporary world trough her artistic and educational practices in within local community in South Bahia. Reetta Pekkanen's poetry is looking for connections between human perception, material reality and daily moments in the times drastic wordly changes within the living environment.   

In The Dark I Don’t Have Four Limbs exhibition is a paradox: while contemporary artistic practises aims to produce progressive relations across the spheres of cultures, human and more that human agencies, economies, nation states and other aerial formulations; art, it's national and global infrastructures and institutions are deeply rooted in practices and traditions that operate within and reproduce very same differences that artistic practises are attempting  to surpass. The infrastructural wealth of global north is rooted in the colonial extraction of nature-cultures. In order to benefit and support this still continuing extraction, artistic institutions and funding structures are reproducing an toxic othering of geographical, cultural, material, national and economic differences. Nature-cultures, humans, non-humans, life and non-life gets differentiated from each other. Institutional and display practices are spatial apparatus for these epistemic differences as things gets categorised as art works, discursive mediations, ethnographic materials or functional objects; art, spatial structures and materiality are cut from social, political and ecological aspects.

In The Dark I Don’t Have Four Limbs project acknowledges making things public as an entanglement of different agential aspects of art works, objects, materialities, spatial structures, institutional and curatorial epistemologies. It attempts to discuss and set up the exhibitionary entanglement as situation that can challenge and move ontological, epistemological and ethical boundaries and connections between agential aspects that are being normally categorized as natures, cultures or economic actors. 

The exhibition is part of the Finland 100 years independent celebration in Norway. Supported by Finnish Norwegian Cultural Institute, Norwegian Finnish Cultural Fond, Frame Contemporary Art Finland and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.